A Family Nudist Club

P.O. Box 32034
Mpls., Mn. 55432

Thank you for your interest in the SNO-BIRDS club.


The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) is our national organization,
and the Midwest Association for Nude Recreation (MSA) is our regional organization.

Who we are:

We are a full member club requiring all of our members to pay the national and regional dues as set forth by the AANR as well as the SNO-BIRD fees.

The SNO-BIRDS is a non-landed travel club which means that we do not own club grounds with recreational facilities.

What we offer our members:

Though we do not have permanent facilities, we do furnish our members with activities the year round such as swim parties, bowling, hot tub parties, camping, traveling and a variety of other get-togethers.

We also can assist our members who plan on traveling by furnishing information on clubs they wish to visit. (We have traveled and visited most of the clubs in the United States.)

About membership:

Some things we do:

Many of our members have recreational facilities such as hot tubs, pools, lake homes, sail and pontoon boats and on occasion invite the SNO-BIRDS for a day or weekend activity.

Trips to the Wisconsin River and other recreational areas, where nude activities take place, are often set up for members to attend as a group.

Visits to landed clubs, as a group, are also scheduled.

Our biggest turnout of members is usually at the regional Midwest convention, usually the latter part of July.

Some other points:

There is a club newsletter to keep everyone informed of upcoming activities.

Activity expenses will be on a participation basis. (Members can be as active as they choose.)

Our SNO-BIRD dues go to cover operation expenses.

Contact Us!

If you need additional info please write us at our mailing address & we will gladly send you any additional information we can. (Please include a self addressed stamped envelope.)

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P.O. Box 32034
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